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Our Mission

We are committed to ending the overpopulation, abuse, neglect of dogs and cats in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our goal is that every adoptable dog and cat finds a loving home. We are an all-volunteer, no-kill, 501 [c][3]  organization.

Every day we witness firsthand the tragic consequences of pet overpopulation.

Dallas Animal Services


In fiscal year 2017, the City of Dallas shelter alone took in 31,335 dogs & cats and:
• euthanized 8,109 dogs and cats
• adopted out 10,589 dogs and cats
• redeemed back to owners 4,392 dogs and cats
• rescue organizations saved 7,889 dogs and cats

This is just one shelter out of the many city shelters located throughout the Metroplex.

Our History

In June 2005, the mission of co-founders Becky Haisma and Tara Harper was to rescue dogs and cats from the City of Dallas shelter (who were being euthanized at a rate of almost 30,000 a year). In September 2005, Paws began featuring Dallas Animal Services’ pets at adoption events. Then a natural disaster sidetracked our mission: Hurricane Katrina. We helped evacuate 22 dogs and 40 cats from a no-kill shelter in New Orleans. Our co-founders went to Louisiana to work in an animal intake station and found a private plane to rescue dogs from an overloaded Mississippi shelter. Within weeks, we had almost 35 dogs and 12 cats.

The first month incubated what would become the Paws philosophy:

  • We are willing to share our resources with like minded groups

  • We stand ready to assist in a crisis

  • We will not abandon animals that need help the most – we work harder for hard-to-place pets and we find ways to raise additional money for animals that have no where else to turn


We have grown from a handful of exuberant volunteers to more than 150 dedicated volunteers. We are now one of the largest and most respected animal rescue groups in the North Texas area. Our success is due to committed volunteers, a sound fundraising philosophy and strong marketing. Our fundraisers are some of the most unique and fun in town!

Get Involved

We can always use volunteers for events, transportation, and adoption activities.  Fosters also occasionally need support, and we can only make this whole thing work with our volunteers!

Helping those in need