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Foster FAQs

Frequently Asked Foster Questions

Most Common FAQs

What is a Foster Parent?

You provide a temporary home for a homeless animal. Normally, you keep the animal in your care until a permanent home is found.

How do I become a foster parent?

First, complete the Foster Application here. A foster coordinator will work with you after they have received the foster application.

Will it be difficult to let them go?

You will get attached, but remember you are literally saving a life. Being a foster parent for homeless animals is a rewarding and gratifying experience. It’s always important to remember that when one gets adopted, it will open your home to a new homeless pet that is in need of your loving care.

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What does it take to foster?

We ask that you care for the dog or cat as if it were your own – integrating it and socializing it within your home and family. We ask that you bring the pet to at least two adoption events a month. We pay for vaccinations, heartworm, spay/neuter and all veterinary care. Because we do not have a shelter, the temporary home you provide for an animal is a life saving act.

Are there expenses?

We provide for all medical expenses including monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative. You typically provide the food, litter, toys and TLC! However, if you need help gathering these things please notify us, and we will do everything we can to provide for the animals in our program. We can loan a crate to you while you are fostering, just let us know before receiving your foster pet so we can coordinate this. It should be returned to us when you can no longer foster.

Are there other requirements?

We ask you bring the animal to adoption events on Saturdays or Sundays at least twice a month. We have adoption events practically every weekend and also during the week sometimes! You will get a weekly email newsletter letting you know of locations/times and other information.

Ideally we would love for our foster homes to be present at adoption events but, we realize that this is not always feasible. If you are unable to be present but want your foster to attend an event, please contact your Foster Coordinator. She can help arrange transport for your dog. If you do drop off/pick up your pet from an event please be on time at the end of event so volunteers do not have to wait after a long day.

What if I go on vacation or need to travel for work?

Not a problem! Contact one of the foster coordinators as far in advance as possible to make arrangements for your foster with either boarding or a temporary foster parent.

Get Involved

We can always use volunteers for events, transportation, and adoption activities.  Fosters also occasionally need support, and we can only make this whole thing work with our volunteers!

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