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Available Volunteer Positions

We rely heavily on volunteers to step up to the plate and get everything else done.  Almost everyone can help us in some way – most people have skills that they don’t realize can help.  Other people develop skills as they get more involved.  Take a few minutes to see if you could donate a few hours of your time each month to help save an animal’s life.  

List of Available Positions:


Event Host

Paws in the City in looking for Event Hosts! An Event Host is responsible for owning, planning and executing fundraising events. The Event Host is a fun person about town who is ready to flex their influence to raise money and awareness for PITC.

Commitment: On average, the time commitment is 4-6 hours per event, throughout the year. Typically, this is split between in-person activities the day of the event, and virtual meetings leading up to the event.


  • Communication with event partners/venues for planning, marketing and fundraising.
  • Work with PITC for staffing needs, featured pup of the week, fundraising strategies, etc.
  • Create live stream video clips during the event.

We, PITC, will support you with available pups for adoption, merchandise, technology for live streaming and volunteers to support your event. You, the Event Host, will bring a charismatic, fun, ready to take charge attitude. We are eager to hear from you and excited to see what event ideas you have!

Interested parties please contact [email protected].



Fostering is one of the most important, and most appreciated, volunteer activities. Fosters open their homes and hearts to one or more of our dogs or cats, and bring their animal to adoption events, hopefully at least twice a month. Staying at the events is optional. Fosters pay for food and provide love, Paws in the City pays for veterinary attention and medicines. Fostered animals get adopted more quickly and have less temperament issues - please help. Click for more info and list of cats and dogs that need your love.



We are currently looking for a volunteer fundraising coordinator.  The fundraising coordinator is an unpaid virtual volunteer position. This role will lead fundraising efforts to increase brand awareness and ultimately grow our community of donors. The objective is to spread our message and encourage our community of supporters to make donations to Paws in the City.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead the planning and management of Paws in the City’s year-long fundraising initiatives.
  • Plan graphics and text for social media.
  • Help increase communications with supporters and current donors.
  • Contribute creative ideas for new fundraising opportunities.


This volunteer position requires a minimum 6-month commitment for an average of 1-2 hours per week, which will be completed virtually in the Fundraising Volunteer´s own office or home.

Benefits and Recognition

This virtual position provides valuable experience for fundraising management, marketing and nonprofit management students. Also suited to individuals with an interest in gaining experience in the nonprofit sector or in the fundraising and event planning field.

Please apply at


Graphic Designer

We're currently looking for graphic designers to join our team. Email [email protected]


Home Check Volunteers

PITC conducts home checks for all adopters and fosters, and team members throughout the Dallas area and surrounding cities are needed to perform these visits. Whenever a home check is required, the request is sent to all team members; those able to conduct the visit near their home or work are asked to help at their convenience so that all areas of Dallas and surrounding cities are covered. Training is minimal, and a simple checklist is provided to ensure each home is safe and appropriate for PITC animals. We have a strong need for volunteers who can do this in the cities surrounding Dallas and Fort Worth.



We're looking for a volunteer videographer to join our team! Do you have a dog-friendly studio? Use your skills to help us save lives! Please fill out our Volunteer Release here.


Social Media

Are you a pro at creating engaging content?

We are looking for content creators to join our social media team!

This role creates Instagram Reels to create quick, fun, and viral moments that captivate and grow our audience on Instagram. To capitalize on a burgeoning social media trend and spread our mission, work, and impact to new audiences.



We need transporters throughout the week to transport dogs and cats between boarding facilities and veterinarian clinics. On weekends, we need transporters to deliver animals and equipment to adoption events. You don't need an 18-wheeler to transport, anyone with a car, truck, or SUV can help.

Get Involved

We can always use volunteers for events, transportation, and adoption activities.  Fosters also occasionally need support, and we can only make this whole thing work with our volunteers!

Helping those in need