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Success stories!

Nothing makes us happier at Paws in the City than to hear reports from the loving forever homes who have adopted our animals. We share tail waggin’ and heart purring stories and pictures with you. We hope that soon you too will be sharing your Happy Tails with our volunteers and supporters. If you would like us to include you and your new family member please send a brief note to [email protected] along with a photo and we would be happy to include it here.

Read about our Happy Tails!


Cosette is amazing. She has brought so much joy in to not only my life but my roomie’s and friends and family. She is so sweet and gentle. I can’t imagine life without her now. She’s even inspired one of my coworkers to adopt a dog! – Katie

Cosette, we wish you many years of being adored. Happy Tails!


I picked Felix out and rescued him from Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center last January. He immediately made himself at home. He is the most laid back and social animal I’ve ever met! He slept with me, followed me everywhere and became great buddies with my cats Gigi and Charley. I knew whoever met him would fall in love – and that is what happened when his adopter met him. While it was hard saying goodbye, he went to the perfect home. He has a kind and caring family.


It’s been almost a year with Frazier and I thought I’d share some of our fun photos of how much fun he’s been having. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful little boy to add to our family! Thanks again”

Frazier truly is living the dream – from shelter dog to soaking up the rays at the lake with his furry and human forever family! What a great looking pack! Thank you to all who donated and volunteered to make this rescue story possible.


Another happy tail! Hero is one of the HEDR dogs and he was adopted over the weekend. How sweet it is to see one of our rescues living the good life. This is motivation for us at PITC and we are thankful for all involved and the support of fosters, volunteers, transporters, donors, adopters and cross posters! You are our life line and we are grateful. Happy Tails, Hero!


Jack (Linus) is doing fantastic! It has been a great year (almost a year). Jack really enjoyed learning how to swim in our pool this summer and had fun assisting with life guarding duties if any of his people were swimming! He loves taking rides to the kids’ schools for pickup and drop off and enjoys snuggling as close as he possibly can with all members of our family.

He has been an excellent office mate keeping me company (I office out of my home) and keeps me safe from the mailman.


Levi is the best thing that has ever happened to Axl and I. He’s so sweet and such a lover! He loves to be outside with his momma and brother on the nice sunny days, and he is the best dog I could have ever wished for.

Levi loves to swim in the lake and paddle board with myself and his brother, and going to the groomers every 2 weeks is one of his favorite things to do; he loves to get his hair done! Thank you so much for the greatest blessing in the world. Levi is my sun on a cloudy day.


Thank you Paws in the City for connecting us to such a great dog! My 2 boys and I absolutely love Malia (we are keeping her name). We’ve been so busy having fun with her. She goes everywhere with us – the Katy Trail, parks, and every dog friendly restaurant in town for dinner. She is the perfect age, energy level and temperament for us. They skate board behind her, run with her, throw countless balls, and snuggle with her. She is super sweet and happy.


Moby (aka “Shader”) has been with us for two weeks now, and we couldn’t be happier. Between explosions of puppy energy and sudden onset napping, he is a pleasure to be with. Thanks to all the hard work of his foster parents, he came to us crate- and potty-trained and well-socialized to other animals. All in all, we couldn’t be happier. Thanks to all the volunteers in Paws In the City for bringing joy into our home.


Ollie is doing fantastic!! We absolutely adore him! He and his sister Decka, another Paws in the City alumni, get along sooo great. They are best buds and love to wrestle together! Ollie loves kids and does great with them so hopefully this school year we will be volunteering at schools with him! He is so funny because he is such a poser for all of the photos that I take. His Instagram is nicole_ransom ???? We are really excited and expect it to be great! He has been a blessing to our family.


Ambrose is now Woodrow, is doing great. He loves to go on car rides and has become a great camping dog. In fact a few weeks ago, we went on a 2630-mile camping road trip along the old Chisholm Trail.

Woodrow also loves trips to the Deep Ellum Bark Park and cuddles up on the couch with people all the time. He’s wonderful, and I want to make sure to say thank you for y’alls help in adopting him.”

I think we can all agree this is definitely a happily ever after story.


I have had Woodrow for almost two months now and he is the best dog. Dale did such a great job in training him, he is the most well-behaved dog. Big thanks to Amy at Paws In The City, she is always checking on him to see how he is doing. She even came by to see him and brought him treats, he was so excited to see her and her husband. Woodrow loves his new forever home, he gets long walks everyday. Lounges on his couch shaped bed with his very own blanket. He even has his own toy box.

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