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Hello, my name is: Mugsy

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Mugsy's Info

Age senior
Size small
Gender male
Color Brown/tan
Breed Terrier

About Mugsy

Mugsy loves life. He is just plain happy. His very presence is a reminder of the importance of having a positive outlook on life despite its difficulties. Mugsy is a sweet boy that just wants to be loved. Mugsy is an 8 year old Schnauzer mix who came to us blind. He has so much to give. In fact, Mugsy’s love is boundless as he is good with kids, cats, and other dogs. In fact, he loves to cuddle with his people and is extremely playful and would love a friend. He wants to play all the time, but in his current foster home, the dogs ignore him, making him a bit sad. He does have a few restrictions because he can’t see, he prefers minimal stairs and preferably no pool but it’s okay as long as he’s on a leash and is supervised. He is pee-pad trained as well and he goes outside too. In fact, it’s fun to watch because he goes in really fast circles before he does his business and he’s on a regular schedule.

He also likes taking walks around the neighborhood with his foster mom. He gets excited to go on his walks when his leash is picked up and you say ‘go outside?!” He doesn’t seem to have much interest in toys, but really likes laying in his doggy bed with his stuffed kitty and especially when it has a blanket or two to snuggle in. He is learning to shake (paw) and loves to ride in the car. He is so loving and when you say cuddle, be prepared to pick him up and give a big hug. He loves that!! He sleeps in his crate or in his bed. He is so very smart and best of all, he is a loving boy ready to give love and be loved. Won’t you open your heart for his boy?!

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