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Freemont's Info

Age senior
Size small
Gender male
Color Tan and White
Breed Chihuahua Mix

About Freemont

Meet Freemont, a senior Chihuahua mix who embodies sweetness and friendliness. This little guy eagerly anticipates walks, patiently waiting by the front door for his leash. He’s a squirrel-chasing enthusiast and delights in meeting new people, quickly cozying up to those who speak sweetly and offer pets.

With a touch of an old soul, Freemont can be found observing and contemplating from the sidelines. While he has moments of nervousness, especially with sudden movements or loud noises, he thrives in a low-key environment with a routine schedule. It might take up to a week for him to feel at ease in a new place, but he’s content spending most of the day in his crate, his safe space.

Freemont’s favorite treats include baby carrots, and he occasionally indulges in melon or bologna slices. Potty trained and with a regular schedule, he self-regulates his food intake without any issues. This charming canine companion is ready to bring joy and companionship to a loving home.

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