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Dempsey's Info

Age adult
Size small
Gender male
Color Cream
Breed Shih Tzu Mix

About Dempsey

Meet Dempsey, the delightful 5-year-old Shih Tzu with a heart full of love! This pup is not only potty trained but also excels on leashed walks, showcasing his mid to low energy levels. His friendly nature extends to kids, making him a great addition to family life.

Dempsey’s playful side comes to life when interacting with other dogs or entertaining himself with toys. His trainability makes him a joy to have around, and he especially relishes belly rubs, snuggles, and being close to you.

Toys and chew sticks are among his favorite pastimes, with a particular fondness for sticks from the great outdoors. While Dempsey may experience car sickness, he’s a great travel companion when comfortably settled in a crate with pee pads.

Although initially fearful of men, Dempsey warms up over time. He’s not a fan of baths and may attempt a hasty exit from the tub. Additionally, be cautious of getting too excited around him, as he may express his joy through ‘excited pee.’ Despite these quirks, Dempsey is comfortable being picked up, carried, or held. This lovable Shih Tzu is ready to bring joy and warmth to your home!

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