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Bambi's Info

Age adult
Size small
Gender male
Color Brown, Tan and White
Breed Chihuahua Mix

About Bambi

Meet Bambi, a charming 3-year-old Chihuahua mix weighing approximately 12 pounds. This smart and cuddly canine is not only potty trained but also fantastic with kids and other animals. Bambi’s adaptable nature makes him flexible to your work and sleep schedule, ensuring a seamless fit into your lifestyle.

While he can be a bit timid, Bambi’s playful side shines through when he’s engaged in a game of fetch. However, he equally appreciates a good nap, especially when tucked underneath the covers. When alone, Bambi is quiet, but his vocal side may emerge if other dogs start barking. With his love for both play and rest, Bambi is the perfect blend of energy and relaxation, ready to bring joy to your home.

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