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Guest Dog Program

Have you done an independent rescue or need to re-home your pet? Paws in the City has a Guest Dog Program which enables the pet to be posted on our site and also enables you to participate in any of our PAWS events.

The following items are required to participate in our Guest Dog Program:

  • You provide a home and care for the dog
  • Provide current vaccination and spay/neuter records to PAWS
  • Be on flea and tick and heartworm preventative
  • Submit a $35 posting fee per dog with up to 3 photos. This will get your dog up on our website (and partner sites) and viewable to potential adopters. Guest dogs may participate in our adoption events and PAWS can assist with profiles.
  • Completed Information Sheet which includes a personality write up. Submission instructions are on the sheet.

When a potential adopter expresses interest, they will need to go through the normal adoption application procedure, but the decision on whether to finalize the adoption is entirely up to you. PITC, though happy to advise if requested, will not interfere in your decision. Adoption fees will go to you at the time of adoption.

Get Involved

We can always use volunteers for events, transportation, and adoption activities.  Fosters also occasionally need support, and we can only make this whole thing work with our volunteers!

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