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Gypsy and Daisy's Info

Age senior
Size large
Gender female
Color Golden/Brown
Breed Golden Retriever/Aus Shep Mix

About Gypsy and Daisy

Well, these two pups go together like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly or  hugs and kisses. You know what I am getting at. It is tough to imagine one without the other.

Gypsy and Daisy are best friends that were surrendered to PITC when their elderly owner passed away. Daisy is a nine-year-old Australian shepherd mix and Gypsy is a 12-year-old golden retriever. Gypsy and Daisy are golden girls, and we would love for them to be able to spend their golden years together.

Gypsy and Daisy each have their own personality and traits that make them individual. 

Gypsy is a super sweet girl. She loves tummy, rubs, and any kind of pets. She does great with children and other dogs.  She loves walks and treats. She is good on a leash   but will pull a little. Gypsy lives up to her name and will roam at any opportunity! 

Daisy is also very sweet and loving and does well with children. She loves to sit next to you for head pets – at least, until Gypsy butts in for her share. Daisy takes a bit longer to warm up to new environments. She loves her walks and is very good on a leash.

Daisy has a quirky personality and when she gets groomed and gets a bandana, she gets upset with whoever takes it off and sulks for a while. She just wants to keep that fresh from the groomer glow for as long as possible!

Neither of the dogs is crate trained but they will gladly stay in the laundry room or another room as long as they have their beds and one another. They are quite comfortable and not at all anxious when left alone.

Both dogs are healthy and only take interceptor plus and credelio monthly. Gypsy does benefit from a joint supplement. Medically speaking they are in great shape.

Paws In The City hopes that the dogs can be adopted together as they’ve been together for such a long time.

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