Cooper fka Hardy

ADOPTION UPDATE: Cooper fka Hardy

Cooper fka Hardy
Cooper fka Hardy’s mom sent in an update on this sweet, sweet boy!

Just want to let Paws in the City know how much we love, love, love this little guy! We’ve renamed him Cooper “super cooper” for reasons that are special to our family. Coop is wonderful! It was really hard to find a perfect pup for us with two other dogs with strong personalities and a 20 month old daughter, but Coop is perfect. Thank you so much!!!


Thank you Erica for fostering this darling little guy!

Home Run! How sweet is this happy beginning? So adorable!

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Bubba fka Jackson

ADOPTION UPDATE: Bubba fka Jackson!

Bubba fka JacksonJackson was rescued from DAS as a VSP and we knew from the get go he was going to one day make a stellar companion!

His new mom, Kim, says he’s all that and more! Kim updates us:

Jackson, now Bubba is doing great and has settled in to his new home. He is the sweetest dog and I feel so lucky to have him. He’s a perfect fit in our family. He loves to play tug o war with his new brother Sailor and go on long runs on the trails by the lake. But he also likes to hog the bed and snuggle. Bubba and Sailor and currently in doggie training school and doing pretty well.

Lookin’ Good Bubba, lookin’ good!

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Okemah fka Jagger


Jagger happy ending2

Who remembers Jagger? This shy boy was abandoned in an apartment and was so, so scared and shy. His fosters, Angela, help him come out of his shell a bit and not long after, he was adopted. His new family sent us in the update below:

I’ve changed Jagger’s name to Okemah. He is just the best buddy in the world. He has come out of his shell so much. Every time I take him to the dog park he is a little less timid. At first he would only interact with smaller female dogs, now he is playing with all sorts of dogs and even initiating the play. The other day he played with a huge male german shepard. I was so proud! We are doing long walks or the dog park everyday. Some days we do both. Once a week we go hiking. Usually at Cedar Hill State Park.

He had his fist water play in Joe Pool Lake a couple of weeks ago and loved it! We go on lots of pack walks with my dog walker friend and it has been so good for him learning how to calm down on walks. He and my cat are still learning on how to get along but I think in a few more months they will be good friends. All in all everything is awesome and I couldn’t be happier!

We are so glad we could help this sweet love find the wonderful family that was waiting for him. These babies go through so much and nothing is more rewarding then seeing them flourish and loved like no other!

Jagger happy ending1

Jagger happy ending3Jagger happy ending5

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Everybody remembers Maddie aka Lullabelle, right?


A lot of you donated to her care! She was the pup with burns down her right side. We got her the care she needed, thank to kind donations from our supporters and Maddie’s fans, and she enjoyed her stay at The Boarding Bungalow After her boarding stay, Amanda and Steve took her in to foster and she had a blast with their former PITC rescue, Annie.

Wendy saw Maddie on Facebook and knew she had to meet her! She had rescued two other pups and thought Maddie would be the perfect fit for her pack. Maddie had to step up her game a little to be able to hang with Wendy’s very playful Lab, Harley, but in no time they were best buds!

Wendy updates us: This sweet girl has settled into her new furr-ever home and loves hanging out with her two brothers. She and her buddy Harley (yellow lab) are virtually inseparable. She even got to go on her first camping trip a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. We love her so much and feel she is a great addition to our family!

Maddie was loved by many and we are so happy to see her so well taken care of. She’s been through enough of the bad times and only happy times ahead! Way to go Maddie! Maddie5

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Rubi and Loretta

rubi and loretta
Amy became a foster and got more than she bargained for! She fostered a few of our wild children and the ended up with the cream of the crop! Ruby was a DAS pull and she had a bad case of separation anxiety but luckily, Amy was able to take Ruby to work with her. Amy soon fell in love and it was obvious she was the one!

After Ruby adopted Amy (yes, she worked her magic), Loretta, the kitty, hit the jackpot! Loretta was a black kitty that was abandoned at DAS with two siblings. Black kitties – you know what that means….not a lot of attention. Amy soon grew her family by one and now her family is complete, for the time being :) Amy updates us below:

Ruby (formerly Rubi) and Khaleesi (formerly Loretta) are the laziest duo ever. I love it. As you can see from the photos, they spend the majority of their time just sleeping or cuddling…on us. They are both extremely low maintenance and perfect for my small condo. Paws in the City really worked with me to find a dog that fit my urban lifestyle and then a kitty that would fit with the new doggy. You can tell that Paws really cares about putting their animals in the right forever homes, so that both animal and human end up happily ever after.

Our new kitten Khaleesi has only been with us a few weeks, but already has made our puppy Ruby more playful and lowered her separation anxiety. Once in a while, when Ruby decides to take a break from all of her hard work napping, she gets down in a playful position, wagging her tail and talking to Khaleesi in all sorts of funny sounds, trying to invite her to play. Khaleesi’s won’t play with Ruby yet, but Ruby gladly takes all the punishment from Khaleesi’s claws, just for the chance to be close to her. If Ruby’s sleeping, the kitten will make her way over to cuddle up close by. I think she secretly likes that pup! I have no doubt they’ll be best friends in just a few more weeks.

I never thought a condo full of shed fur and stinking of dogs and cats would make us so happy, but it does! We’d rather stay home on a Saturday night and cuddle with these two than most anything else!


If this doesn’t warm your heart, we’re not sure what will! We love it!

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Jules before and after






Hello Paws In The City, it’s Jules! ‘Memba me?? Don’t worry, I included a before-and-after for you :)

I’ve been with my new family for about a month now and I love it! I get to spend my days sleeping in one of my three beds and demanding attention with my not-so-subtle nose dives. I don’t beg for food, but I get lots of pizza crusts and dog treats and I suspect that’s why I’ve gained lots of much-needed weight. I was inhaling my food, so mommy bought a bowl that forces me to slow down and chew my food.

I’ve had so many accomplishments since I’ve been here! I ran a whole mile, I go out on the balcony and watch for squirrels, I’ve been to the dog park several times (it’s still scary but apparently it’s supposed to be fun?), and the best thing of all is I’ve bonded with my sister! She was rescued too and is very loyal to me. Even though I steal her crate and bed, she keeps tabs on me at all times and encourages me to snuggle and run around. She likes to pounce and try to get me to play, but it’s a little confusing so I mostly just stand still until I can sneak away. One day I shall play!

Mommy and Daddy went out of town and felt I needed “positive socialization” so I went to the Lone Star Dog Ranch for a week. It’s like nothing I have ever seen before! There was lots of nice dogs and lots of land and even a pond to swim in! I got to do whatever I wanted the whole time – no being held up in a kennel all day! I was very shy the first day and just stayed in my den, but by the end of the week I was running around and hanging out with all the other dogs including my sister who made sure everyone else was nice to me! I really came out of my shell there. I didn’t want to leave the Ranch, daddy had to promise me that I get to go back in three weeks for a long weekend!

Jules4 Jules 3
Thank you PITC for helping me find my forever home! I love my Mommy, Daddy, and Sister and couldn’t be happier – all because of you :)



PS: Those awesome pictures of me were taken when I was at the Ranch (they have a photographer on site!) and they gave permission to put them on Facebook and advertising to help spread the word if you wanted!

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Martel & Ellsworth

Martel & Ellsworth aquired their names because they were found as strays, along with their brother Glenco, on these streets in Dallas. These babies were defintely ying and yang. It was found early on that these two could not be separated. They were fostered in a few different homes, went to all the events like they were supposed to and even had their pictures taken by the wonderful TERESA BERG PHOTOGRAPHY.

Finally, while under the care of their foster mom, Darrah, their ship came in! Problem was – ship only came into Oklahoma! Peggy had seen these two on Facebook a few times and inquired about them and we were lucky enough to have a dedicated volunteer (Teresia!) do the home visit – IN OKLAHOMA!! Today we recieved an update on these two dolls!

Thank you for those who played a part in their rescue. Thank you Teresia, Valerie, Beverly, Barney’s Ranch and Darrah for fostering these sweet babies!

From Peggy – I wanted to give you an update on Martel & Ellsworth. It’s been almost a month since Martel and Ellsworth, two adorable Chiweenie siblings, came into my life. I had followed them on your Facebook feed for a while, even though I now live 4 hours away in Oklahoma, because I lived on Martel Ave. for 7 years during my time in Dallas. After much thought, I inquired about them, and after the application, an interview, and signing a contract, a volunteer/foster mom, Teresia, even delivered them to me here in Tahlequah.

They are a delight, even though they haven’t adjusted to my cats yet — all in good time. They love to pile on me when I sit on the couch, especially if I have a blanket they can burrow under. They also test my ingenuity and ability to stay one step ahead of them. One baby gate was not enough — I had to stack two of them. Paper products are fun to shred, even though toys abound! And they really enjoy the screened-in porch! They have given me a more active routine, an enthusiastic welcome every time I come in the house, a new topic of conversation among friends and coworkers, and lots of puppy kisses and love!

Thank you so much for all you do to rescue and foster furry friends like Martel and Ellsworth!

Great endings & beginnings!

Happy ending M&E2 Happy ending M&E

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When Ava came to us, her front right paw was paralyzed due to nerve damage that was more than likely caused by trauma. Over time, fluid began to build up and there was not option other than to amputate her arm. She has this surgery just days ago and acts as though a procedure never occurred! Her stitches are healing well and we’re quite sure she’s even more playful less an arm.

This week has been a big week for our sweet Ava. Not only did Ava get her stitches out, she was ADOPTED by her forever family, as well. Stephanie previously adopted Jazz, now Tubbies, from PITC a year ago. When she was ready to add a new member to her family, she came back to PITC for her new addition. Stephanie saw Ava’s video on Facebook and it was love at first sight. She waited patiently for Ava to recover from her surgery so she could complete the adoption and bring Ava home. Ava is home now, where she belongs.

Congrats to all. Thank you to her foster, Melissa, who has went above and beyond to help Ava get adopted and saw her through her surgery. Thank you to Lucy for making the video that sparked Stephanie’s attention and to all of the people who donated to her surgery. We were able to get most of it covered!

Best wishes and happy tails!

Ava happy endings
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Jayni was a scared little girl when we saw her Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center and we knew she belonged in a warm and loving home! Well – she’s certainly found it. We received the update below from her new family.

We go on almost daily walks, but she’s perfectly content with the backyard. She has fallen in LOVE with Abby. I attached a picture to show y’all. And I remember hearing y’all say she hardly ever barks-oh she barks now! Lol. Ernie was in the living room and was playing hide and seek with Abby. He scared Abby and she yelled (with delight, but still). Jayni was in the bedroom with me and she came RUNNING into the living room barking at Ernie.

Then, the other night, we had friends over. Scott walked in and picked up Abby, Jayni started barking like crazy. She’s become quite the little protector-which I LOVE. She wants to make sure you know she’s watching and you better not mess with her people. Love it. So, just wanted you to know she has fit in perfectly into our little family. Thank you for a great addition to our family!

Another Happy Tail

Jayni forever home

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Aisling fka Angel

ADOPTION UPDATE: Aisling fka Angel

Angel was dropped off with her brother at a fire station when they were only 10 days old. They both were bottle fed kittens. Both are now adopted. She’s a true beauty inside out and is now in a home, forever. Her new mom sent the update below.

I thought you might like an update on Aisling. :)

She has been thriving since I brought her home. She loves the purple blanket I have on the back of my couch when she’s not curled up and purring in my lap. I got both her and my other kitten, Siobhan, gifts for Christmas this year, and she was absolutely spoiled with treats and new toys. She’s been playing “fetch” with me for a while now, and it’s her favorite game…when she’s in the mood for it, of course. She weighs a good 7.4 pounds and is happy, healthy and playful.

Thank you so much for rescuing this sweet cat. I love her so much and could not imagine my life without her.

We love happy ending/new beginnings! Yay Angel!angel happy endings cat

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